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At Holmes Electric, our goal is to build an organization on the principles of excellence, dependability, value, and teamwork. Our executive committee brings together a group of diverse and seasoned industry veterans who are committed to making our company stronger, more productive, more profitable, and more competitive.

Mike Holmes


Mike Holmes joined Holmes Electric in 1984. In an effort to gain insight to the critical functions within the organization, Mike worked in our service, engineering, and estimating departments. Mike founded the Communications/Structured Wiring Division of Holmes Electric to meet the low voltage needs of the growing computerized business environment. His experience helped him develop his corporate supervisory skills. Mike oversees a majority of day-to-day operational functions, including marketing, purchasing, project management, service, estimating, engineering and communications.

Arthur K. Langlie

Executive Vice President

Art Langlie joined Holmes in 2012 to lead the company growth efforts through business development, recruiting and retention of quality staff, management of process, departmental improvement, and excellence. Art has been involved in the commercial construction industry for more than 20 years in both the general contracting world and particularly the electrical construction industry. He brings overall guidance and management of our strategy, processes, departments, operations, and business development.

Terry McCabe

Vice President, Operations

Terry brings his 27 years of industry experience to focus on design, constructability and value added suggestions for his projects. His attention to team management, planning and execution will provide continuity from pre-construction through construction and commissioning phases of the project. Terry has an acute focus on safety, schedule, constructability, sequence and delivery methods to produce the lowest installed cost through team collaboration in design. He has strong management skills in systems solutions, problem-solving and continual process improvement during construction to increase productivity.

Gregg Brandon

Energy Infrastructure

Gregg Brandon has over fourteen (14) years of experience in project management, project engineering and estimating of medium voltage infrastructure and industrial projects; with expertise in managing the construction of substations, installation of underground transmission & distribution systems and specialized installations at power generation facilities in the Northwest region. His hands-on management style allows him to collaborate with owners and engineers during the planning, scheduling and design development stages of a project, as well as during construction. His project management skills include scheduling, estimating, negotiating and planning, labor management, and detailed cost control.