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Employment Opportunity: Stockman

Holmes Electric is looking to hire a stockman for our growing volume of work.

Duties include the following:

  • Pick-up and delivery of tools and materials to and from construction projects and on construction projects.
  • Movement of tools and materials between and within work areas and shall include the unpacking and uncrating of tools and materials.
  • Job site logistical coordination (staging and maintaining of materials and tool lay down area)
  • Shipping and receiving of job site and project material , inventory and tool management.
  • Operate equipment to perform duties of electrical equipment distribution, staging, and delivery loading and unloading.
  • Operation of various forms of forklifts, boom trucks, rigging equipment, trucks, and other methods of transport that require CDL licenses.
  • On-site material purchasing agent, and material management, assisting contractor with vendor management.

Send resume and letter of interest to careers@holmes.def.im

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