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Lakeside School Athletics Center

After a very fast paced project starting in March of 2013, the new Lakeside athletic center is complete and will have its open house tour on January 10. An impressive building, the new structure offers incredible new training and education spaces, as well as an expanded gym with emphasis on a large basketball court. With a design that shows respect for the past, the building blends in as the old campus gym had, but updates a well outdated facility with the most current technologies and design that a high school sports facility could ask for.


The Lease Crutcher Lewis team worked closely with a strong team from Holmes in a compressed schedule, to make sure that a quality project resulted from the kind of team work you expect from many great companies pulling together to finish this large undertaking  in only 10 months. Communication is the key, and at all levels of the project, there was consistent information sharing to make certain that speed did not sacrifice quality, and that in the end, Lakeside, Seneca Group and all involved created a facility that will be a great asset to multiple generations of students.

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