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    Productivity Tools

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The risks associated with construction are increasing each year as work availability within the construction marketplace shifts. The services requested by high-tech and environmentally-conscientious customers for current and future markets are shifting the entire construction landscape.

At Holmes Electric Company, we are committed to mastering the industry’s emerging productivity tools to establish us as the area’s preferred electrical subcontractor.



  • JPAC™ forecasts current productivity with cost code level tracking software. Traditionally, contractors use job cost accounting reports that only show where the job has been, not where it is going.
  • JPAC™ teams up with our Project Mangers and General Foremen to manage job productivity and ensure the lowest installed cost.
  • JPAC™ tracks productivity improvements that are ultimately taken into consideration when estimating new opportunities.



  • Holmes’ Foremen and Project Managers plan their work with 3-day and 3-week “look-aheads.”
  • SIS™ allows logging of the causes of interference to work flow and productivity.
  • SIS™ encourages teamwork and promotes overall increased productivity.


VDC Virtual Design Construction:

  • Precise, accurate, and 3-dimensional drawings ensure quality prefabrication and thorough installation.
  • Understand and resolve trade conflicts prior to installation and avoid rework.
  • Provide a valuable deliverable to the end user for the operation and management of their facility.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)




Prefabrication is the practice of assembling components of a structure in a production setting or other manufacturing facility, and transporting those sub-assemblies (or complete assemblies) to the construction site where the point of installation is located. The term distinguishes the process from a more conventional construction practice of transporting the basic, or raw, materials to the construction site where all assembly is carried out prior to installation. Prefabrication is a major contributor to Lean Construction project initiatives.

Holmes Electric Co. has experienced numerous successes with prefabrication. We systematically scrutinize these case studies, and the data we collect plays a large part in  future estimates and job productivity measures. The goal: Lowest Installed Cost.


  • Can be strategically located near skilled labor and in locations with lower costs of labor, power, materials, space, and overhead
  • Reduced construction time
  • Minimized disruption of on-site construction and congestion/trade conflict
  • Better quality control
  • Improved productivity
  • Less waste overall, and easier to recycle waste and/or reuse scrap material that is produced
  • Recycling and proper waste disposal initiatives supported by the United States Green Building Council
  • Greatly reduced need for framework and scaffolding
  • Saves engineering time on the construction site and keeps the field team focused on installation


Our 15k sq ft production and staging facility allows our team to:

  • Develop, build, and inventory commonly-used electrical and communications sub-assemblies
  • Incorporate standard sub-assemblies into design drawings
  • Utilize prefabrication successes within the estimating/bid process to save time and money